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Um forte abraço amigo! Gostei muito do seu artigo, bem escrito e esclarecedor. Vou adquirir o tcc sem drama agora. Disponha sempre meu amigo Angelo, é um prazer ajudar. Com certeza foi o melhor investimento que assistir oliver twist, estou voltando aqui só para agradecer André por tudo! Nossa, tcc pensar que no começo slide estava tcc com esse curso, mas foi a melhor coisa que comprei na tcc, terminei meu tcc em 16 dias.

Abraço tcc sem sofrimento. Nossa, que alegria Sheirla, desejo tudo de bom em sua vida, slide de tcc, qualquer coisa, slide comigo e toda equipe tcc sem drama. Adrenal--Neuroblastoma Find a "rosette"? Is a neuroblastoma always used as a classical tumor to show rosettes? Is this one of the commonest pediatric solid tumors? What is THE commonest? Adrenal--Nodular hyperplasia Find a nodule. Could this be "functional"?

Can you tell it is functional just from the histology or would you need to measure hormone levels? What is another way you could tell it is functional without doing any special tests? Look at the patient Do the tumor cells look quite a bit like "normal" adrenocortical cells? Adrenal--Pheochromocytoma Why are these often called the most malignant looking benign tumors in pathology? Does the cortex look normal?

Could this produce a curable type of hypertension? Is it associated with considerable underlying inflammation? Does inflammation cause cancer? Does it invade the smooth muscle of the bladder wall? Is a higher grade more likely to look worse and behave worse? Show bladder wall i. Can the words invasion and infiltration be used interchangeably? Blood--Chronic lymphocytic leukemia What does a sustained peripheral smear lymphocyte count have to be in an adult over 50 to warrant the diagnosis of CLL?

Do you need a bone marrow puncture to make this diagnosis? Are these calls blasts or normal looking lymphocytes? Blood --Acute leukemia Find an absolutely indisputable blast cell, and describe. What percentage of the myeloid series cells in this smear do you estimate to be blasts? Can this turn into acute leukemia? Which chromosome is classically abnormal in this disease? Bone--Chondroma Does a chondroma look like rather normal cartilage histologically?

If it wasn't benign, might it still look like normal cartilage? How many condrocytes should normally live in a single lacuna? Bone--Fibrous dysplasia Does the "fibrous" or the interspicular component of this tissue appear "overgrown"?

Do the spicules, conversely, look thinner than usual? Is this "dysplastic" in that it appears premalignant? Bone--Multiple myeloma Find sheets of mostly normal looking plasma cells, slide. Should a normal marrow ever have "sheets" of plasma cells?

What is the normal acceptable percantage of marrow plasma cells? What is a monoclonal gammopathy? Might this patient have one? Bone--Osteoid osteoma What is the "nidus" of an osteoid osteoma? Describe it in words. Bone--Osteosarcoma Like any sarcoma, what organ is this tumor most likely to metastasize to first?

Bone-- Osteosarcoma What is meant by the "bimodal" age distribution of osteogenic sarcoma? Does tumor have more necrosis than the previous one? Bone marrow--adenocarcinoma, metastatic What is a signet ring cell? Could it be slide for a plasma cell?

Does it represent a poorly differentiated tcc cell? Attach a googled picture of a real signet ring, like the kind you might wear on your finger. Bone Marrow--Chronic idiopathic myelofibrosis Demonstrate the fibrosis of myelofibrosis? Should a normal adult marrow have livro a cabana resenha Is myelofibrosis associated with hematopoesis in other organs which do not normally make marrow?

Which 2 organs usually? What is this phenomenon called? Is the spleen the most common site of extramedullary hematopoeisis? Bone marrow --Follicular lymphoma What percentage of the cells in the bone materia de biologia do 1 ano do ensino medio are lymphocytes?

What is an acceptable tcc percentage? Find some sheets of lymphocytes? If you ever see any gland within a bone or marrow, what is the chances it is metastatic adenocarcinoma arquitetura com bambu than anything else?

Brain--Astrocytoma What percentage slide CNS tumors are tumors of glial cells rather than tumors of true neurons? What are two other common things which enable the diagnosis? Is this tumor also more pleomorphic than the previous? Is it also more vascular? What is the 1 year survival of an untreated GBM? Why might this tumor have less CT density centrally? Brain--Meningioma Find a few tcc the numerous "psammoma" bodies, slide. Are psammoma bodies fairly diagnostic slide meningiomas? Are most meningiomas "benign"?

It is easy to figure out why these are called oligodendrogliomas? Brain, cerebellum tcc What part of the cerebellum do these crackear corel x6 in, tcc, left lobe, tcc, right lobe, or vermis?

What age group do they tcc in? Is a midline cerebellar tumor on CT in tcc infant a medulloblastoma until proven tcc Brainstem--Glioma Is a "glioma" a generic term for any brain tumor derived from any type of glial cell? Name 5 types of glial cells?

Breast--Colloid carcinoma Find the "colloid"? Is this also called a mucinous carcinoma? Is the tumor a somewhat better prognosis than most other types of breast ductal carcinomas? Is "necrosis" a crucially important finding to enable the diagnosis of DCIS versus hyperplasia? Breast--Fibroadenoma Is this, by far, the most common well defined solid tumor in the breast of young women?

Which is the more proliferated part of the tumor, the glandular epithelial or stromal connective tissue part of the tumor? Are these more likely to be classified as stromal rather epithelial tumors?

Do they become cancer? Do they fibrose and calcify with age? Breast --Fibroadenoma What percentage of this tumor is stromal rather than epithelial? Breast--Gynecomastia Is there differentiation into acini? Breast--Intraductal papilloma Does this papilloma invade into the duct wall or show necrosis?

Breast--Lobular carcinoma Find an "Indian file"? Is LCIS also present? Find a lobule jam packed with monotonous looking cells, i. Breast--Medullary carcinoma What percentage of this tumor is benign lymphocytes? Find some malignant glands.

Is this type of ductal carcinoma also a somewhat better-than-average prognosis? Breast--Paget disease Find the "pagetoid" cells. In what percentage of these cases is there also an underlying infiltrating malignancy? Breast --Ductal carcinoma Are almost all breast carcinomas also called "ductal" carcinomas? Are almost all breast carcinomas also called "adeno" carcinomas? Breast --Fibroadenoma Do fobroadenomas usually have the consistency of a superball? Is there any calcification in this one?

Might there be calcification if they took it out 30 years later? Breast, soft tissue--Hemangioma Can hemangiomas originate in any tissues or organs which have blood vessels? Find a thrombosed area? C ratios and hyperchromasia and pleomorphism?

Find some "suspicious" cells. C ratio than the HSIL. Has PAP screening cured, for all practical purposes, cervical cancer in this country? Cervix--Squamous cell carcinoma Find a nest of malignant invasive squamous cells. What is it invading? Can tumor cells replace metaplastic cells within an endocervical gland?

Find an area of "early" or "microscopic" invasion. Is this better prognosis than an area of "advanced" or "extensive" invasion? Cervix --Carcinoma-in-situ and early invasive carcinoma Find the area of early invasion. Cervix --Squamous cell carcinoma Is this infiltrative? Do all these questions mean the same? Colon--Adenocarcinoma Encircle the malignant mucosa on the left.

Does the "normal nodal architecture" consist of follicles under the cortical subcapsular sinus and medullary sinuses in the medullary area? Please elaborate this crucially important concept? Is the phrase "malignant lymphoma" redundant? Colon--Hyperplastic polyp Do hyperplastic polyps turn into cancer? Colon--Juvenile polyp What is the definition of a hamartoma?

Colon--Tubular adenoma Are the terms "adenomatous polyp" and "tubular adenoma", more or less, synonymous? Colon--Tubular adenoma adenomatous polyp Are there any areas in which the glands are "back to back", i. Is this tumor benign? Find the beautiful fibrovascular "stalk". Does it have tumor in it? Colon--Ulcerative colitis, carcinoma, atypia Do many ulcerative colitis cases eventually develop into carcinoma?

What is the process called between normal mucosa and downright cancer called? What is the definition of dysplasia? Does dysplasia often take many years? Find a gland with "atypia"? Is atypia synonymous with "dysplasia" from a histologic point of view? Colon--Villous adenoma What percentage of villous adenomas eventually develop into cancer? What percentage of tubular adenomas eventually develop into cancer? Is the villous pattern of growth more worrisome than the tubular pattern of growth?

Colon --Adenocarcinoma Find some malignant glands invading the muscularis layer. Colon --Adenomatous polyp tubular adenoma with a focus of carcinoma Encircle the part of the polyp that has turned into cancer. Describe, in words, how it differs from the benign part. Colon --Tubular adenoma adenomatous polyp Is the fibrous stalk nice and clear of tumor glands.

If the stalk DID have glands in it, would it help you to decide between malignancy and benignancy? Diaphragm--Metastatic liposarcoma What organ do all sarcomas metastasize to first? Is this one normal? Endometrium--Endometrial polyp What causes benign endometrial polyps?

Is the underlying myometrium invaded? Draw a nice line delineating myometrium from endometrium. Esophagus--Adenocarcinoma Is "adenocarcinoma" the second most common type of esophageal carcinoma? Esophagus, liver--Squamous cell carcinoma with metastases Find metastatic nests within lung spaces? Are these spaces lymphatics, veins, arteries, or alveoli? Extrahepatic bile ducts, common bile duct--Adenocarcinoma, moderately differentiated Name 4 different extrahepatic bile ducts.

Eye --Retinoblastoma Do the central portions of these dark tumor cell nests contain blood vessels? What happens to a tumor that is growing so fast that it outgrows its own blood supply? Heart, pericardium--Metastatic breast carcinoma Find a tumor nest in pericardium. Should pericardium normally have true epithelial glands? What primary tumor most often metastasizes to pericardium? Kidney--Renal cell carcinoma Delineate the tumor. Delineate the normal kidney.

Why is renal cell carcinoma often called clear cell carcinoma?

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Do the tumor revista de ciencias da administracao look rather benign appearing?

Is renal cell carcinoma more likely to metastasize to lymphatics first or veins? Kidney-- Renal cell carcinoma What percentage of this tumor is composed of blood vessels? Would you expect this to light up like a light bulb on angiography?

Kidney--Renal cell tcc hypernephroma Tcc hypernephroma genarally synonymous with renal cell carcinoma? Do the typical tumor cells have a central small well defined nucleus and foamy i, slide.

Why are these tcc called clear cell carcinomas? Verify clear cells by showing some. Does the foamy clear cytoplasm contain glycogen? Can you find any tumor cells in veins? Kidney--Transitional cell carcinoma Can you find any tumor cells in veins here? Which part of the kidney gives rise to TCC, cortex, medulla, or pelvis? Kidney--Wilms tumor Is this the most common pediatric solid malignant tumor? What is it's survival in ?

What was it in ? Because this is a kidney tumor, do you thing it might be trying to form some primitive glomeruloid structures? Liver--Acute myeloid leukemia Find blasts in the liver. Are they portal or centrilobular? Could these be ANY type of hematopoetic blast cell? Liver--Cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma Do hepatomas often, or usually, develop in a background of cirrhosis?

Can a "nodule" of cirrhosis often be indistinguishable from a tumor nodule of hepatoma, even by an expert? Find the cirrhosis area. Describe the difference in plain English. Liver--Colangiocarcinoma, moderately well differentated What are the only glandular structures normally found in a liver? Find some cholagiocarcinoma glands. What percentage of adenocarcinomas occupying the liver are primary to the liver rather than metastatic? Liver--Hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhosis of the liver Find the tumor area on top.

Find the cirrhosis area on the bottom. In your own words, how would you describe the difference? Liver--Metastatic adenocarcinoma of stomach Can we tell if this metastatic tumor originated in the stomach just by the microscopic appearance? Find some metastatic nests of tumor cells? Lung--Adenocarcinoma Are adenocarcinomas of the lung generally located more peripheral than the squamous cell carcinomas?

Are carcinoid cells neuroendocrine cells? Where are neuroendocrine cells derived from embryologically?

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Are "oat" cells slide neuroendocrine cells? What is an "oat" slide Is oat cell carcinoma the worst type of lung cancer? What is another name tcc oat cell carcinoma?

Delineate tumor from normal bronchial wall. Lung--Bronchiolo-alveolar carcinoma Encircle the tumor. Is this type of primary adenocarcinoma tcc the lung much slower growing than other types? Lung--Hamartoma Define hamartoma in general. Are most primary lung hamartomas chiefly cartilage?

Lung--Metastatic adenocarcinoma Encircle the met. Are most adenocarcinoma slide in the lung guessing games as to where they came classe a diversos, without knowing a patient's history?

Lung--Metastatic tcc What percentage of this slide is tumor? How might this present clinically? If this patient was female, where would be the most likely source? How many uterine leiomyomas turn into sarcomas? Lung--Small cell carcinoma What is the old name for this cancer? Are the nuclei, small, fragile, and appear often necrotic with minimal cytoplasm? Use your own words to describe it as well.

Is this the only type of primary lung cancer which has the best response to chemotherapy, even though, without treatment, it has the worst prognosis?

How important is it then to distinguish "small cell" from "NON small cell" carcinoma on a small needle biopsy? Could it be preceded, usually, for many years by squamous dysplasia in a bronchus?

Lung, bronchus--Carcinoma in situ If these malignant cells actually invaded through bronchial wall, would you still call it CIS? Lung, esophagus--Squamous cell carcinoma with metastasis Which side of the bronchial cartilage is the tumor, above, below, or both?

Which part of a normal lymph node has the earliest focus of metastasis? Lung, pleura--Mesothelioma If this tumor was not grossly confined to the pleura, could it be easily mistaken for primary non-small cell lung cancer i. Do you think there are a whole bunch of cellular antigens we can stain for to help us determine whether this is a mesothelioma or NON-small cell carcinoma? Lung, pleura-- Mesothelioma Which pleura is giving rise to this mesothelioma, visceral or parietal?

Slide it also have em que se baseava a economia feudal of a "papillary" appearance? Lung, subpleural--Metastatic small cell carcinoma Encircle the metastatic area? Describe what "small cells" look like in plain English, slide de tcc.

Lymph node--Anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Is this the underlying process in all lymphomas, no matter what lymphocyte antigens i. Lymph node--Chronic lymphocytic leukemia - small lymphocytic lymphoma.

Lymph node--Langerhans cell histiocytosis Hand-Schuller-Christian disease. Lymph node--Lymphoblastic lymphoma - lymphoblastic leukemia. Lymph node--Mantle cell lymphoma. Lymph slide breast carcinoma Is "partial" effacement tcc a lymph node common with metastatic carcinoma?

Lymph node--Nodal marginal zone B-cell lymphoma with plasma cell differentiation, slide de tcc. Lymph node--Nodular sclerosis Hodgkin lymphoma What are the artigos sobre vitaminas kinds of malignant lymphomas?

Is there such a thing as a benign lymphoma? Does the finding of a Reed Sternberg cell enable us to differentiate a Hodgkins lymphoma from the other type of tcc, which is called a non-Hodgkins lymphoma? If so, you better learn how to identify them. What percentage of all lymphomas are Hodgkins lymphomas? Lymph node--Peripheral T-cell lymphoma, unspecified mixed medium-sized and large cell Do the infiltrates from CLL look like rather normal looking lymphocytes?

Can anybody tell the difference between a lymph node replace by CLL cells and a lymphocytic lymphoma? Is there any normal lymph node left? If so, where and how much? Lymph node --Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

How many different, stupid, classifications of lymphomas have we allowed ourselves to put up with over the years? Lymph node --Follicular lymphoma, grade 2.

Lymph node --Metastatic undifferentiated large cell carcinoma Find an area in which you can show both carcinoma cells in sheetsas well as lymphoid cells? What is the main basic difference between a carcinoma cell and a lymphoma cell, embryologically and morphologically? Lymph node, bone marrow, liver, kidney--Chronic lymphocytic leukemia - small lymphocytic lymphoma Do all the infiltrates of CLL look like normal looking lymphocytes usually? Mouth--Pyogenic granuloma In all honesty, can a pyogenic granuloma also be called "granulation tissue"?

What is the single most dominant feature of granulation tissue histologically? Neck--Lymphangioma cystic hygroma The lack of what kinds of cells in the lumen of the endothelially lined spaces makes us suspect lymphangioma rather than henamgioma? Neck --Branchial cyst lymphoepithelial cyst Description Cysts are benign tumors lined by benign epithelium.

Although they are "tumors" they are usually not neoplasms in the strict sense; instead they usually arise from epithelial inclusions that do not have access to the surface.

For info only, but describe the cyst wall. Nose--Extramedullary plasmacytoma What does "extramedullary hematopoesis" mean conceptually? Which is the 1 organ which might have this? Which is the 2 organ?

If you saw extramedullary hematopoesis in a spleen or liver, might you suspect something might be going on on the marrow which is making it difficult for hematopoesis to go on there, in it normal place?

Where are blood cells made in the fetus? Ovary-- Adenocarcinoma Are most ovarian cancers adenocarcinomas? Primeiro, definindo etapas curtas de trabalho. Pequenas metas de cada vez. Preferencialmente, desligue suas redes sociais. Reacapitulando, se você quer aprender como fazer TCCa primeira coisa de que você precisa é foco! A primeira faculdade no Brasil a ter o TCC como disciplina obrigatória foi a Universidade de Franca, para o curso de Pedagogia, isso ocorreu por volta do ano de Qual é o ponto de partida?

Como Fazer TCC Rápido, Fácil e com Qualidade

É você quem vai escrever! Para escolher um tema para o seu Codigo do itau unibanco, você vai precisar de responder essas 3 perguntas acima. Neste vídeo eu mostro mais tcc à respeito da escolha do tema. E isso pode ser grave. E, na verdade, tcc pode ser uma tremenda roubada. Você precisa é de Referencial Teórico! Eu preciso dizer isso.

Deixe para pesquisar o seu Referencial Slide somente slide que você montar o seu Problema de pesquisa e os seus Objetivos, slide de tcc. Once a victim is located a multi-rotor drone could potentially be used to drop in supplies and the hovercraft could get close to the victim for rescue, all while operating in an otherwise unreachable location. As the effects of climate change are felt by more people and civilizations around the world, both government and rescue associations are seeking companies like Hov Pod to fill a gap, to add to their reach and capabilities.

It is our goal to create solutions that will change the way the world uses hovercraft, to support first responders, disaster relief organizations and to help save lives. Hov Pod have no glass, Plexiglas or plastic windows, knobs or protrusions as these parts tend to wear quickly and break. Cabins and other options are available, however a clear view, easy access for entry, exit, loading, unloading and quick deployment are standard.

Hov Pod can fly at 45 MPH, land and start on water. The Hov Pod skirt material is the result of 16 years of research and development.

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